Ruth Griffin Christmas

I thought I would share something which I think is very charming, a Christmas eve postcard which is almost 100 years old. It presumably came through the postbox and dropped on the mat of Fairview, Kenilworth Park in Rathgar, my Grandad’s house in 1916-17, today, a century ago and was read to my Grandad by my Great Grandmother beside, I hope, a cosy open fire.

The message is sent from my Great Aunt Muriel to my Grandad Bertie. I think that it is the sweetest message between a sister and brother. Muriel was probably about 12 or 13 at the time and 6 years older than my Grandad, who probably couldn’t read yet, hence the ‘to wish him’ message. Muriel was mysteriously in Drogheda for Christmas and talks about having received a very Enid Blyton gift of ‘handkerchiefs’ from Aunt Em for Christmas. She wanted to make sure to wish her little brother a very Happy Christmas and a bright New Year. Take note of the King’s head still being on the stamp, in 1917-1916 things were changing but hadn’t changed yet!

On the note of Christmas wishes I would like to wish everyone who has  taken time to drop by Rua Ruth this year a very Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year! I hope you have enjoyed the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Here is the photo of Grandad and Muriel in their Edwardian sailor suits to see you off!


Muriel & Bertie Griffin circa 1916-17 (approx)

Ruth Griffin