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And so it begins! I am delighted to reveal my summer series of The Lost Fashion History of Dublin 2017. This is my third year running the tours and I love brin ...

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History Ruth
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    Fashion Ruth Style Ruth

    Icon du jour

    Lady Lavery is one of the many unsung Irish style icons (perhaps because she was in fact an American with Anglo-Irish parents!) But what does that matter in the world of fashion. Her extraordinarily beautiful face graced our pound note and looked down at us from Sir John Lavery’s paintings at The National Gallery for …

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    Fashion Ruth Style Ruth

    The Soda Syphon

    This gorgeous 1930s style soda syphon was saved (by me) when we sold my Granny’s house. I’ve been hanging on to it for far too long now and reckoned it would be perfect for my Dublin Flea Market stall. I liked it because it reminded me of another more sophisticated age. I could just imagine a …

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    Café Ruth

    Bibi’s Cafe

    Get thee to Bibi’s cafe! The prettiest, most inviting cafe in all of Dublin. Having just returned from London I was feeling withdrawal symptoms from my favourite French cafe La Bouche on Broadway Market but Bibi’s has more than comforted. This haven to French meets Irish style was created by Maisie and Petria Lenihan of …

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    Dublin Ruth


    Teddy’s is the last of the old-school ice-cream joints in Dublin/Dun Laoighaire. A must on a visit to the pier even if the evil winds are blowing in off the Irish sea. I captured these two ladies with my Lomo camera catching up on a good auld gossip.  Deck chairs, freezing cold ice-cream and freezing …

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